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Water and Mold

Water Mitigation

Water is an essential to life though it also can be very destructive. When water invades a room, your house, your contents  or your warehouse it is vital to dry it out promptly so as not to cause any further damage. Whether it was caused by a broken/frozen pipe, a faulty supply line, overflowed washing machine, or the water used to put out a fire we can dry it for you. We are trained in the industry standards (IICRC) to identify, dry, and dehumidify water losses in a professional and most efficient way.



Mold Remediation

Water, humidity, or improperly dried water losses can create mold. Our technicians can remediate your home putting it back to pre-loss conditions.

Mold Evaluation

Do you have some visible mold, a musty odor or aware of a water problem that may not have been handled properly. We can come inspect the location and give you our evaluation. Often eliminating the water source followed by qualified mold remediation will bring your home back to a clean safe environment. In special circumstances we may highly recommend having an Industrial Hygienist do pretesting of air quality. They will give a written protocol to follow for remediating the area. We will follow their protocol to get you back in a safe and clean home.

                                                                     Phone: 302-500-8099 | Fax: 302-500-8098
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